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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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arab leaders. if they could have come to the congress, we could say what the prime minister said. they are worried about iran becoming the superpower. >> danny is a likud members, a former deputy defence minister. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> that is the show for today. i'm ali velshi see you again tomorrow. discrimination in ferguson a justice department probe accusing the police department of using excessive force and targetting african american for years. >> the prime minister of israel... >> addressing congress. israel's prime minister argues against a nuclear deal with iran. president obama fires back with a heated response of his own an email uproar. hillary clinton's use of a private account as secretary of
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state. why some say she may have broken the law. and judging the affordable care act. the supreme court prepares to take up a new challenge to the law. what al jazeera found when we tried to track the plaintiffs in the case good evening i'm antonio mora, and this is al jazeera america. the justice democrat is confirming what some in ferguson, missouri have been saying for years, the mostly white police department unfairly targets black residents the the scathing report could be released as early as tomorrow showing racial bias that predates last summer. ashar quraishi takes a closer looks looks. >> reporter: weeks of protest followed the shooting death of michael brown. >> michael brown's tragic death created a deep distrust between some in the ferguson community and the police force.
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>> attorney general eric holder promised a rigorous investigations. details are emerging in media reports. it examines data including ferguson police unfairly targetting blacks. they make up 67% of the population. according to investigators they counselled for 93% arrested. blacks were more likely to be searched but less likely to have drugs or weapons. 88% of the time when force was used it was against blacks. a dis proportionate number of blacks appeared in court. they accounted for: the statistics appear to reinforce complaints that ferguson police have been discriminating against black residents for years. the city relied on revenue from fines and penalty, the burden
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falling on the poorest residents. as of december 201416,000 had outstanding -- 2014, 16,000 had outstanding arrest warrants mostly for parking and mine your infractions. reports say the justice department is expected to clear darren wilson of civil rights. the ferguson police department will have to answer questions, coming to a settlement or facing fines. more protests in los angeles after a shooting that killed a homeless man. [ chanting ] protesters rallied. the victim is a french national spending time in gaol for robbing a bang. he was killed in scud row. police say he reached for one of their guns. congress put an end to the
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battle for homeland security spending. there's no mention in the bile. republicans tried to push a plan that blocked it. hours earlier the house chamber hosted a speech by israel's prime minister. binyamin netanyahu issued a series of dire predictions about iran's nuclear programme. the white house called it more of the same rhett rick. mike viqueira reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: it was a remarkable scene. >> mr speak are, the prime minister of israel. >> reporter: the leader of a close ally afforded a meeting with congress and despite outrage, making a case against a deal with a hated enemy. >> if the deal negotiated is accepted by iran that will not prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons, it will all but
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guarantee it that iran will get the weapons, lots of it. he objects to a reported 10-year sunset after which iran would be free of constraints. that's why the deal is bad. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> at the white house president obama said he was busy talking to leaders about ukraine, and didn't watch. he read the transcript and told reporters that a deal if there was to be one, would be the way to keep nuclear ambitions in check. >> the prime minister didn't offer viable alternatives. absent from the house chamber was joe biden, who normally attended in a ceremonial role. he was in jeneba ghatt.
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one -- guatemala. one na was there was nancy pelosi that called it condescending. >> i'm near tears, i love israel. i value the importance of the relationship between israel and the united states. >> the warning was soished if not held in check by israel's allies. israel would take matters into its own hands. >> i can guarantee you this. the days when the jewish people remain passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over. that tone angered some including men that boycotted the speech. >> this is a prime minister that never saw a war he didn't want our country to fight. >> this was out of the dick chainy playbook. it was fear-mongering. >> if there's going to be a deal
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with iran at the end of the month, the administration insists it buzz not need sign off if a deal is reached. senate republicans will take up a bill as early as next week giving them the right to approve or disappear a deal the president makes. >> thank you. as of now, there's no deal no nuclear deal with iran. negotiations are ongoing in switzerland, put the two sides are far apart. the semiofficial newsagency sis train will not agree to a 10 year freeze of the programme, a major demand from president obama. nearly two years after bombs ripped through the boston marathon, a jury will here the case against the surviving suspect. opening statements will get under way. the eight men and 10 women were chosen from a pool of 1400
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jurors. edward snowden may be making plans to return to the u.s. the former n.s.a. contractor has been in moscow since 2013 when russia granted him asylum. he said he would return to u.s. if guaranteed a fair trial. russian lawyers say he's working to get edward snowden home. >> we are doing everything possible to solve the issue, there's a group much u.s. lawyers, and a group of german lawyers, and we are dealing with it from the russian side. >> edward snowden's return to the u.s. could land him behind bars. he's been charged with espionage. his lawyer insists the leaks were to expose a violation of human rights. >> iraqi military is claiming success in ousting i.s.i.s. from parts of tikrit. they have reached south of the city.
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the operation is the iraqi government's largest offensive to date. so far it's hoped without u.s. help. >> tonight hillary clinton's office is defending the former secretary of state. she is caught up in a controversy over her use of email when the top diplomats. as david shuster tells us it could impact a future run for the bhous. >> seven some supporters of hillary clinton are calling it a political jolt. the state department says hillary clinton, as secretary of state exclusively used an email account to conduct government business. the "new york times" reporter who broke the story appeared on m.s.m. b.c. >> she did not have a state department account. >> reporter: the federal records act requires emails like hers to be preserved. the "new york times" says clinton's staff took no action to save her emails on government servers as the act demands.
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it was two months ago that efforts to comply with the record-keeping practices, that advisors review tens of thousands of payments and decided themselves which email to turn over. a former director of litigation at the national archives and records administration said the soluse of an email act to transact government business is consistent business. security experts added that emails are more vulnerable to being hacked. coming from a protected government database. the story is particularly damage of course, because it remind the political world of negative bill and hillary clinton stereotypes, the rules do not ploi to them. they are secretive and allegations that they rarely own
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up to mistakes. a letter and spirit of the rules permitted officials to use nongovernment email as long as appropriate records were preserved. that depends on what the definition of appropriate is. meanwhile, republicans are having a field day. jed bush released all of his emails from his time as gore are and tweeted: republicans have produced an add relying on media reports to charge that america can't trust clinton. >> give me one good reason why she would have done that. >> clinton aids expect the secretary of state to address the story, perhaps in a television interview. the idea is to contain the story in an announcement expected next
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month for more we are joined by dave levinthal, a senior reporter at the center for public integrity, from the disappear of public policy. republicans and clinton supporters see this as a problem. how damaging could it be for her should she run for president? >> it could be damaging if she running for president. everywhere believes that she will run for president. this is a later on what has been the worst month that she has had in a long long time including the benghazi action happening surrounding hillary clinton this is on the hills of the clinton foundation, her foundation husband bill's and chelsea, that was reported had received millions from oppressive foreign g.s.t.s to fuel work --
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governments to fuel work they were doing. none of this is playing well for her. >> it's been confirmed some of the money came from the governments while she was at the state department. a bad week. jason baron, a former top lawyer at the national archives that spoke to the "new york times" said it's difficult of a scenario short of nuclear winter where an agency would be justified to allow a cabinet head officer to use a private email demuptions channel for the conduct of government business. she didn't have a government email address. that is raising questions as well. >> you have to go to the fundamental reasons as to why should a public official have a public email. historians in the future will want access to the information, the paper trail.
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of course, journalists want access to this information too. congress needs the ability to access this information for its oversight responsibilities, which it would do for the state department or other executive branch agencies. it plays into the notion that the hillary clinton camp is trying to be investigative as it can. it may be fair or not fair the bottom line is when you are running for the president of the united states, when you are going to be expensive, long diff torturous campaigns. you don't want to be a candidate. one of the offenses here is one of the rules, archiving of emails was enacted after she left office. there has been rules about record keeping that applied for a long time. most who watch the government
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know about it. they have been pouring over the particulars and is dotted and ts crossed. it's an issue not unique to hillary clinton, there are plenty of other officials in conversations with fellow journalists who say i have seen private emails used. i was a reporter for the dallas morning news 10 years ago and we had to sue the mayor of dallas to get emails that we were accessing about city business. this is nothing new, but what is knew is that this is the secretary of state. and a woman who, in her prior campaign emphasised her experience and judgment and is that judgment in question now given that private emails are likely more vulnerable to hacking? >> it certainly is in question by republicans and democrats. >> hillary clinton democrats are
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putting all the eggs of course in the hilary basket. there's no challenge to surface at this point. the former governor of maryland and maybe jim web. reality dictates that hillary clinton will likely be the nominee. all the focus will be on her, both from republicans and a little from democrats. >> dave levin that will. good to have you with us. thank you. >> former top u.s. generated in afghanistan and iraq is pleading guilty to sharing classified material with his biographer and mistress. he baif her binders full of information including schedules and discussions with president obama. the deal means he'll probably pay a fine instead of pending time in prison the latest challenge to the
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affordable care act is going to the sprurt tomorrow -- supreme court tomorrow. it will explain what is happening and how some bringing lawsuits do not have the legal integrity to do it. crack in the system". only on al jazeera america.
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the alabama supreme court ordered a stop to same-sex marriage in the state. a federal judge last month declared the gay marriage ban unconstitutional unconstitutional. the state supreme court said the decision cannot override state law. most analysts do not spect the
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ruling to stand the supreme court tomorrow will take up the latest challenge to the signature law. plaintiffs say there's an issue the way tax subsidies are handed out. some question whether they have the right to bring the case. >> reporter: we went to fredericksburg virgin to find the lead plaintiff in the supreme court case against obama care. >> mr king. mr king. >> no comment. >> i can't talk to you for a second? david king is one of four virginia residents suing the obama administration over the president's signature health care law. articles in the magazine and "wall street journal" raised questions about whether the four individuals have legal standing. in other words, a right to sue over the law, though they are
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truly harmed by being forced to buy insurance under obama care. >> one of the plaintiffs is a woman by the name of rose luck. she's in here mid 50, when she signed on. she lifted a peter burg virginia mote as an access. you can only -- motel as an access. she can only stay here for 28 days. luck did not respond to facebook messages for a comment. we reached out to plaintiff doug hurst. >> i would love to chat on the phone if possible. who did not return phone and facebook messages. lawyers bringing the case told us the fourth plaintiff wouldn't comment either. articles questioning the legal standing.out that leave jay is close to meddy -- -- point tout that leafy is close to medicare
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i've and luck doesn't live at the address. >> you need one place. if the government thought none had standing the government wouldn't be doing it. >> michael canning is the health policy director for the plato institute. he argues the language is clear. and only those that buy health plans are eligible for tax subsidies. if the law sued prevails millions that get health care through the federal marketplace would no longer be eligible for tax subsidies. elizabeth wider of the constitutional accountability center argues the case has no merit. the statue was written and works in a way it was supposed to work
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by providing tax credits to all americans. if you do not have the tax credits available across the country, it collapses upon itself. >> it's contended that's what those behind the lawsuit wants, to destroy obama care. >> what do you say to people that argue that sh is ideological, and you went looking for something to trike down the law that you didn't like. >> every court found legitimate disputes legitimate case. >> the group that funded the lawsuit has not hidden its disdain for the health care law. >> they'll have to be killed as a matter of political hygiene. >> don't care how it's done. whether we tar and feather it. whether we strangle it. >> c.e.o. declined an interview. but we did have a pleasant chat.
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mostly off camera with plaintiff david king who before asking us to turn off the camera explained his heart felt reason for joining the case. >> it's a big deal. it's no about people losing their insurance, it never has been. it's about - it's about the law. the government does not make laws basically. >> reporter: and that's how you view it. >> nas how i feel. >> reporter: so he says it's about whether the obama administration followed the law. ultimately up to nine justices to decide a dozen injection wells in california are shut down due to water contamination. we have been following the story. they are used to dispose of water left over from water production, all in bakersfield. water from the wells leaked into aquifers where they could get
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into drinking water. in december our jennifer london asked if the water was clean. >> john is big oil oiftening millions of gallons of water each day? >> so you are asking me to give you a yes or know answer on something i don't know. i think the right answer would be that i don't know. >> the e purchase a is investigate -- e.p.a. is investigating. coming up a documentary banned from indian tv. government officials say the film about the rape and murder of a young woman is an instalment to the victim. >> and the volcanic eruption forcing thousands out of their home
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worldwide condemn nation for what a convicted rapist in india
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is saying about his crime. in a documentary one of the men that raped and murdered a woman on a deli bus said the victim would still be alive if she had not fought back. roxana saberi has the story. >> reporter: 16th december 2012 around 8:30pm a 23-year-old medical student was on her way home from a movie with a male friend. they boarded a bus where five men and a 17-year-old boy took turns raping the student. they threw her on to the street. she died 13 days later. the gang rape set off protests across india. and now even more outrage. in a new documentary the bus driver speaks from prison blaming the victim saying a decent girl will not roam around at night:.
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>> two defense lawyers find fault. >> never ever allow a girl to come out of the house from 6:. 30 to 7:30 with an unknown person. >> it's important necessary. she should go outside. but meet the family members. >> after indian tv broadcast films, clips, a court ordered tv stations not to show the documentary. a minister said a convict shouldn't be allowed to air his views. british film-maker said that the ban is an assault on freedom of expression. >> perhaps the government is not happy that the protests will be reignited from a fim showing gender -- film showing geppeda inequality is live and well
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here. well it is. >> the government toughened rape laws, but the critics say it didn't go far enough. it's been shown in the prop is rooted in deeply engrained attitudes. >> it is extremely and frighteningly widespread. and i think that gender inequality is the disease, not the rapists. >> the government says one woman is raped in india every 20 minutes. >> finally. a volcanic eruption drove thousands from their homes in chile. it is one of the country's active volcanos sitting above a small city. 35-00 had to be moved to safety. there's no reports of injuries tonight. >> i'm antonio mora thank you for joining us. for the latest news any time head to
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"inside story" is next. have a great night. hello, i'm ray suarez there has been plenty of noise around binyamin netanyahu's speech to congress, who invited whom who broke protocol and not. negotiations between the united states and its partners to prevent tehran from having a nuclear weapon are close to agreement or shutting down. in switzerland secretary of state john kerry and his iranian counter